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Purgatory and Mass

They always seem to come to me, just when I fall asleep.
As the darkness over whelms me, into my mind they seep.

They’re the faces of my loved ones, yet some I’ve never known.
They push and pull into my dreams; some plead, some cry and moan.

“You have the chance to kiss our Lord, each day at Holy Mass.
Yet waste your time on worthless things; no thoughts your life will pass.

But pass it will, then you’ll be judged kneeling before the Lord.
Condemned for all eternity? Or Heaven your reward?

But what if you, like us fall short before the Face of God?
Will you like us, regret the times your prayer life was so flawed?

Hear us now, and see our pain. Please pray for our release.
Then we in turn shall pray for you, your love of God increase.

Waste not your time, for it grows short! But sacrifice and pray.
We ask for your Indulgence to reduce our debt away.”

With that they usually disappear, as I kneel steeped in prayer
That soon they see the Face of God with no more debt to bear.
Donna Sue Berry
October 13th, 2015
AMDG ‘For the greater glory of God’


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Most Sacred Heart of Jesus



It wasn’t for the first time that I stepped inside to pray.

The church was cool and empty, and I had so much to say.

But I barely said I love you when tears began to fall.

I tucked my face inside my veil, and waited for it all

But when at last the sobs were gone, I raised my head to see

The most Sacred Heart of Jesus was there in front of me.

“ O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,

I kneel before your throne.

I pray you wrap me in your arms,

And take me as your own!

Make my poor heart to beat like yours,

In union as if one.

Where want, and need, and worry melt,

And sin becomes undone.

O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Who has loved men so much,

Grant now that I may live for You,

And honor You as such!

Donna Sue Berry

May 20th, 2015

Veronica’s Veil

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Veronica could not compete with the roaring, raucous mob,

Though no one heard her plea to move, she pushed with one last sob.

Compassion and persistence had begged her try again,

And just that quick she found herself before the man condemned.


It’s then he fell beneath the cross that forced him to the ground,

Which ripped his skin and tore his face; head pierced by thorny crown.

Blood mixing with the dirt and stones, they spat upon him too

This cursed man whom they reviled, as winds of hatred blew.


But quickly moving to his side she felt a sudden chill

The world around her disappeared and time itself stood still.

She slid her veil from off her head, and with it cupped his face,

A touching act of mercy in response to heaven’s grace.


Then as she pulled the veil away, a tear ran down her cheek,

His look of love made her cry out and made her knees grow weak.

His sacred eyes, His Holy Face, his body racked with pain,

A memory she’d not forget long after he was slain.


A soldier then wrenched her away into the screaming crowd.

She clawed and shoved her way through them, heart pounding with head bowed.

At last she found a quiet street, and knelt in shear relief.

The bloody veil clutched to her chest; she cried from fear and grief.


Then as she held the veil she saw the imprint of his face,

Majestic in Its blood and wounds; the source of every grace.

The image burned upon her soul, she found she could not speak,

But bowed in adoration as she kissed her Savior’s cheek.


Donna Sue Berry

January 18th, 2015


 *Veronica, O Veronica,

Such a pious deed you’ve done!

Upon the road to Calvary, a crown you’ve surely won.*


Photo: “Saint Veronica with the Veil” by Mattia Preti, painted circa 1655-1660


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Graveyard Rain 3

Again, it seemed a rainy day had led me to a dream,

My rosary wrapped around my hand and coffee full of cream.

As I settled with a book to read then drifted off to sleep,

I found myself within a fog upon a rocky heap.


It seemed the stones around my feet were used to mark a grave,

And posted as a warning to the entrance of a cave.

I peered into the darkened hole but only saw pitch black,

But then I heard a mournful sound that made me jump straight back!


Cries, and pleas and frightening sounds that made my blood run cold,

I quickly crossed myself and prayed St. Michael’s prayer of old.

Suddenly the air grew still as a light shown in the night,

An Angel beckoned me to kneel and pray with all my might!

“Someone is dying,” were his words, “so near the gates of hell.”

“Pray hard for his salvation now before they ring death’s bell!

I threw myself upon the ground, prostrate before the Lord,

And fought for his conversion with a rosary as my sword.


I begged God’s Divine Mercy with my arms stretched open wide

And prayed he’d find repentance and forgiveness as he died.

It seemed I prayed for hours doing battle for his soul,

When lightning struck across the sky and closed that deep dark hole.


Then scores of angels shouted “Alleluia!” to their King!

As Purgatory opened in a mighty rushing swing.

A soul was saved, God’s grace revealed, but no time yet to rest,

A time of expiation due this soul that had been blessed.


Reparation, prayers and masses, to quench him from the fires,

To see the Holy Face of God, is what the law requires.

So in charity and kindness, please pray for those who’ve died

That soon they see the golden gates of Heaven open wide.


Donna Sue Berry

October 15th

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam


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In the shadow of a doorway

I hung back behind the swarm

So scared by what had happened

As I watched the mounting storm.


Golgotha’s hill was covered

With an angry ugly crowd

Some cursed and shouted “Crucify!”

While others wailed out loud.


The air seemed filled with demons

There was hatred everywhere

No one moved to stop the madness

They could only stand and stare.

With the words that “It is finished”

He expired with his last breath

And Satan was defeated at

The moment of his death.


As thunder roared and lightning struck

Some graves were open wide

The dead arose to witness that

God’s only son had died


The cross was rough and bloody

When they slipped him from its hold

And the crowd dispersed around them

As the Savior’s flesh grew cold


The relic shown with evidence

What was won with his life lost

Stands still today exalted

In the Triumph of the Cross


Donna Sue Berry

August 28th, 2014

Exaltation of the Holy Cross on September 14th

Rosary on the Headboard

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I stumbled through my daily grind

Right up until midnight,

Then fell in bed without my prayers;

I knew it wasn’t right.


So tired I was; almost asleep,

But thoughts kept waking me,

To rise and pray a rosary

Upon my bended knees.


But my rosary beads were knotted

Around my head board rail,

And tired attempts to pull them down.

Ended to no avail


Our Lady knows how tired I am,

Was my last waking thought.

Should she want me to pray her beads

Then she’d untie the knot.


Then suddenly I heard a sound

As I began to snore,

My rosary beads unwound themselves

And fell upon the floor.


I quickly slid down to my knees,

A humbled, shameful heap,

And prayed our Lady’s rosary beads

In meditation deep.


Much later as I crawled in bed,

My rosary in my grip,

I shut my eyes and fell asleep;

Hail Marys on my lips.


Donna Sue Berry

July 9th, 2014


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Long days and nights are what he spends

As shepherd to his flock

Of souls who need his tending care

Sometimes around the clock

It’s early every morning when

He hits his knees to pray

Late nights prostrate upon his face

He wrestles in the fray

Each day upon the altar stone

He offers sacrifice

Christ’s very flesh he gives to us

And blood that paid the price

Each moment of the day not his

Not in the very least

His time is filled with saving souls

This is our parish priest


Donna Sue Berry

June 27th, 2014


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Queen of the Rosary

Queen of the Holy Rosary

My Queen and Mother too,

I’m kneeling here in tears today

And asking help from you


There’s more than just a raging storm

I’m lost and all alone

I need your help to pick me up

From where my life’s been thrown


I’m holding to your promises

To your rosary I cling

While winds of sin whip me around

And rip my soul and sting.


Please help me to a life of grace

From hell where I have been

Back to the arms of Jesus Christ

Where my life is free of sin


Donna Sue Berry

April 29th, 2014



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Questions to Our Lady of Sorrow Picture


O Simeon, O Simeon,

What prompted you to say

Grievous words you spoke to Mary

That made her cry that day?

While Mary climbed the temple steps,

Was your soul set on fire?

Could you hear the loud “Hosannas

Sung by an Angel choir?

When God showed you our salvation,

Her tiny child just born,

Could you see the bloody cross of Christ,

Nails, and the crown of thorns?

While you held the baby in your arms,

According to the law,

Could  you feel the peace of heaven

In visions that you saw?

Her joy turned into sorrow as

You spoke about the Lord,

You could see her painful future;

 Her soul pierced by a sword.

So many things I’ve wondered,

Yet one thing is crystal clear.

My sins nailed Christ upon that cross

That caused our lady’s tears.

Donna Sue Berry

March 30th, 2014

© 2014 Donna Sue Berry

All rights reserved.


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From the corner of my church pew,

Sometimes I feel alone,

When I see the happy couples,

In love when I’m alone.


I hide behind my lacy veil,

And duck my head to pray,

‘Please, Jesus, be my Valentine

This sweetheart’s special day.’


I look up past the altar rails,

And see the Sacred Heart,

His eyes full of affection  and

My tears begin to start.

His Mother stands there next to him,

Her heart is set afire,

With love for all her children and

I feel a sweet desire.


Then warmth invades my senses as

I feel a ‘special’ grace,

From the sweetest Heart of Jesus

Like a kiss upon my face.


© 2014 Donna Sue Berry

All rights reserved.

January 19, 2014

For Saint Valentine’s Day