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Close of OLF



I   sought shelter in the little shrine, inside from falling rain.

Away from all my crosses and away from all my pain.

October’s angry storm outside no way compared to mine,

As I knelt within the shadows of The Little Catholic Shrine.


I could smell the burning incense left from the morning Mass,

While I watched the candles melting on their candlesticks of brass.

With the sound of rolling thunder, I knelt in great despair

By the statue of our Lady, then I began my prayer.


“I am begging Blessed Mother, come help me, please today.

My life is all in shambles, and my faith has gone astray.

I ran from Jesus long ago; I hid my face in shame.

I no longer have the strength inside to call upon his name.”


The statue seemed  to smile at me, I felt a calming touch

From the Mother of my Savior, whom I had missed so much.

I could almost hear her heart beat; her message was complete

As she held a set of rosary beads with three kids at her feet.


“Say the Rosary every day, this way there will be peace.

Now call upon the name of Christ, and let your worries cease!”

I grabbed my rosary, closed my eyes and prayed for me and mine,

Then stepped into the sunlight from the Little Catholic Shrine.

Donna Sue Berry

September 26th, 2012

Our Lady of Fatima, Pray For Us

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