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WHAT?! There’s purple on the altar?

Oh no, what did I miss?

I’m still celebrating Christmas;

Enjoying all my gifts.

So I open up my Missal,

The index is quite clear.

Two more Sundays ‘til Ash Wednesday;

Already Lent is here!

With forty days to change my life,

Forty days to fast and pray,

I’ll seek to love Almighty God

And change my sinful ways.

Starting with the cross of ashes,

Father places on my head,

I’ll write out a list of penance

To keep beside my bed.

Now there’s purple on the altar;

Repentance in my heart.

Bring on the prayers and fasting

I can’t wait for Lent to start!


Donna Sue Berry

Lent 2012

Septuagesima Sunday

(Thanks to Mom and Brenda for their picture in ashes!)


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