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Graveyard Rain 3

I have been here for a long time,

As you can surely see.

All friends and family dead and gone,

None left to pray for me.

If only I had known in life,

What waited past death’s door,

I would have sacrificed and prayed,

More than I had before.

I did just what I had to do,

At least that’s what I thought.

But now I see I missed the mark,

Not what the Church had taught.

These Purgatory pains are real,

The Father’s gift of grace,

A time to cleanse myself from sin,

So I can see God’s face.

My contrition was imperfect,

My heart and will so frail,

Without these cleansing holy fires,

I would end up in hell.

So if by chance you read this post,

Please say a prayer for me,

That soon my soul is spotless and

The Father’s face I see.

***** ***** *****

Donna Sue Berry

October 23rd ,2013

***** *****

Please Pray for Family and Friends,

Your folks you never knew,

Please pray for their release and peace,

It may all depend on you!

***** *****


Pope Leo XIII in his Quod Anniversarius said:

         “ 7. Therefore, since it is certain by the doctrine of the Catholic Church, that the souls detained in purgatory are benefited by the prayers of the faithful, and especially by the august Sacrifice of the Altar, We think we can give them no more useful and desirable pledge of Our love than by everywhere increasing the offering of the pure oblation of the Most Holy Sacrifice of Our Divine Mediator, for the extinction of their pain. We therefore decree, with all the necessary dispensations and indulgences, the last Sunday of next September as a day of ample expiation on which will be celebrated by Ourselves, and equally by each of Our brethren the Patriarchs, Archbishops, and Bishops, and also by other prelates exercising jurisdiction in a diocese, each in his own church, whether patriarchal, metropolitan, or cathedral, a special Mass for the Dead with the greatest solemnity possible, and according to the rite ordered in the Missal for the Commemoration of all Souls.”

***** ***** *****

        Having a Mass or Masses said for a deceased love one is the greatest gift one could ever give! Just ask a Priest, and he will be more than happy to say one or more.  Also, a Gregorian Mass series is the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass FOR ONE OF THE DECEASED FAITHFUL for thirty consecutive days. The Gregorian Mass series is a custom recognized, approved, and encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church. It was born from the practice of the faithful who desired to imitate the charity of Pope Saint Gregory the Great in favor of the monk Justus whom the Pope delivered in 590, from the fire of Purgatory, by having celebrated for him the Eucharistic Sacrifice during thirty consecutive days. This is quite a commitment for a parish Priest to undertake, and so we contact the Clear Creek Abbey in Hulburt, Oklahoma when we have a Gregorian Mass series said.

      By saying our prayers, our rosaries, or having the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass said, we can possibly relieve or help a soul in Purgatory go to Heaven today. We can only imagine the gratitude that they would have for us, and we can be assured of their prayers for both our physical and spiritual needs.  Just think, maybe the simple act of kindness such as bending over and picking up a piece paper from the floor, in reparation to our Lord for a soul in Purgatory, may get someone out. What if a single “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you, save souls” was all it took to relieve your Grandpa or Grandma from the purifying fires of Purgatory.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you. Save souls!”


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