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Questions to Our Lady of Sorrow Picture


While you knelt there in the chaos

Could you see past all the pain,

Past the sword that ripped your own soul

To your son’s triumphant reign?

Did the sands there of Golgotha

Scratch lines onto your face,

Mixing with the blood of Jesus,

Dearest Lady full of grace?

While you sank beneath his shadow

As he hung there on the cross,

Could you feel your own wounds bleeding

When you stood upon the rocks?

As the turmoil clutched your sad soul,

Did your heart completely break?

Could you hear the soldier cursing

While his hammer hit the stake?

The “Prophecy of Simeon”,

Had it at last come true

Where the thoughts of many people

Would lay bare because of you?

Just when the earth was quaking

Did reality set in,

That Jesus died to save our souls

Because of all our sin?

Now, I ask you all these questions

Cos’ I’m leading up to one.

Can you forgive me, Blessed Mother

For the dying of your son?

Donna Sue Berry

August 9th, 2011

For September Month of Our Lady of Sorrows

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