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Donna Sue Berry is a  passionate  writer and poet, wife, mother of two, and grandmother of  eleven.  She was born and raised in central Oklahoma. She and her husband Joel share their time between Oklahoma and Montana. Her early writing began with romantic poetry during her junior high  school years, but  not until returning to University at age 48 did her poetry began to deepen to truly express her great love for her Catholic faith.  Her favorites are story poems that weave around the reader’s heart and emotions. She says she writes with an Oklahoman’s heart and accent.  Proud of her rich Oklahoma heritage and her ancestors who made the 1889 Oklahoma Land Run, her current book project is “Catholic Poems from the Heart of a Red Dirt Oklahoma Girl.”  

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Writing Poetry and Lyrics

Writing poetry and lyrics.



 It nearly took forever

For her to finally see

That her future lay before her

And the woman she could be.

T’was the beauty of the mountains;

Their  gentle flowing streams,

Which caused in her a longing

And filled her heart with dreams…