Donna Sue Poetry




When out to dinner with some girlfriends, conversation turned quite deep.

Then one spoke up quite boldly for an answer she did seek.

Why do you go in early to this thing that you call Mass?

Why wear that “thingy” on your head and do an hour fast?

And what about that little box where you go to tell your sins?

We’re all just so confused about this church that you are in!

Then in silence they sat waiting to hear what I would say.

I whispered in a coward’s voice, “It’s just our Catholic way.”

But driving home I passed my church and hung my head in shame.

Just as Saint Peter realized, I too denied His name.

I spent the night in restless thought of what I should have said.

My Savior Jesus died for me, and for my sins He bled.

I should have said quite frankly, I believe that He is there,

Upon the altar in the flesh, a sacrifice laid bare.

To receive Him in communion, the Church says I must fast,

An hour without food and drink is not that much to ask.

I wear a scarf upon my head in reverence to my King,

Where in solemn worship its His praises that I sing.

The reason I go early is to examine sin and know;

To receive an absolution, I must prepare my soul.

It’s all these things I should have said in answer to my friends

So they may know my Catholic faith; this church that I am in.

And what about that little box where I go to tell my sins?

You can bet tomorrow morning I’ll be there and going in!


Donna Sue Berry

July 16th, 2011, Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel