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Garden Cross

Caught up in life and troubled thoughts,

I could not see the faces,

Of people whom I bumped into,

Like I was running races.

With things to do, deadlines to meet,

I didn’t need distractions,

Or condemnation for my haste,

And thoughtless, selfish actions.

Then in my ear I heard a shout,

A voice out of the blue,

“Child, stop with all your running. Stop!

I’m waiting here for you.” 

I turned but not a single soul

Was standing there by me.

Just a sign that read “I’m waiting”,

Nailed to an old oak tree.

I hurried on, but in my haste

I couldn’t help but wonder,

About the voice inside my head

That sounded just like thunder!

“STOP now! I’m waiting here for you!”

This time I turned to glare

At a little Catholic chapel,

Just beyond a garden stair.

The chapel seemed to call me,

Though no more words were said.

I crossed the pretty garden spot

Toward the church ahead.

Before me hung a wooden sign

“I’m waiting here for you.”

Why not, I thought, I’d go inside

And find myself a pew.

I stepped into the house of God,

And smelt the strong incense.

I quickly fell upon my knees,

My body going tense.

Upon the altar, standing there,

A monstrance with the Host,

I bowed before the Lord my God,

Son and the Holy Ghost!

My heart vibrated with the words,

“Been waiting here for you.”

So I told him of my many trials,

And that I loved him too.

A blanket seemed to cover me,

Of sweetest, gentle peace.

Then all the things that bothered me

Were gone and worries ceased

A tender love infused my heart,

I sat in silent prayer,

In adoration loving him,

Without a single care.

Much later as I rose to leave

My spirit all renewed,

I felt the words within my heart,

“Be waiting here for you!”

***** ***** *****

October 3rd, 2013

Donna Sue Berry

Catholic Poems from the Heart of a Red Dirt Oklahoma Girl



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