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Lady of Mount Carmel

Worried, kind of desperate, I knelt to say some prayers,

But dust and arid dryness were all that filled the air.

I thirsted sacred nectar as my heart began to break.

I needed grace to fill me and my poor, parched throat to slake.

I finally managed one word; it was all that I could say,

My whispered prayer was Mother as I seemed to melt away.

My child, I heard her gentle voice, you are my child? She asked.

How could she pose that question, as I stared in shock aghast!

Again she asked, are you my child? I recognize you not.

I gave to you my clothing, but it seems you have forgot?

Did you not promise faithfully, when dressed in wool of brown,

To wear my livery prayerfully on shoulders hanging down.

Did embarrassment and questions, make you leave my badge at home?

Did the world dictate your conscience, not my love which you have known?

I bowed my head in sorrow for my promise I had failed.

My scapular lay hidden, and my faith in her had paled.

A sad and single tear drop slowly trickled down my face.

But with tenderness she held me, and my soul was filled with grace.

My child, she said, I love you. Then she wrapped me in her cloak

Her grace filled sacramental lay around me like a yoke.

My total consecration swelled up from deep inside

As I prayed our Lady’s rosary with my dryness set aside.

Donna Sue Berry    July 22nd, 2013

Thanks Dan Burke  

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