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A red white and blue rosary

Let’s pray our Rosary for our Beloved country and those in
The service of our country
When I see the Red, White, & Blue
Colors of our flag, I think
Of those same colors in another way.
The three colors remind me of the Blessed Trinity.
The red reminds me of the red blood
Our Lord shed for us on the cross.
The white reminds me of the Holy Ghost.
The blue reminds me of our Lord’s
Blessed Mother’s blue mantle.


Rosary and words by

Dorothy Leehan   2012


This was written by our Mother, who loves Our Lady in her most Holy Rosary. We also have several Soldiers in our Family. Some have moved to Heaven. This is our Mom’s way of supporting our Troops. God Bless our Troops, and God Bless our Mamma.

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