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Rosary on the Headboard

Posted on by Donna Sue

I stumbled through my daily grind

Right up until midnight,

Then fell in bed without my prayers;

I knew it wasn’t right.


So tired I was; almost asleep,

But thoughts kept waking me,

To rise and pray a rosary

Upon my bended knees.


But my rosary beads were knotted

Around my head board rail,

And tired attempts to pull them down.

Ended to no avail


Our Lady knows how tired I am,

Was my last waking thought.

Should she want me to pray her beads

Then she’d untie the knot.


Then suddenly I heard a sound

As I began to snore,

My rosary beads unwound themselves

And fell upon the floor.


I quickly slid down to my knees,

A humbled, shameful heap,

And prayed our Lady’s rosary beads

In meditation deep.


Much later as I crawled in bed,

My rosary in my grip,

I shut my eyes and fell asleep;

Hail Marys on my lips.


Donna Sue Berry

July 9th, 2014

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