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In the darkness of the closet

Where no one else could see,
There sat a hidden manger scene
My Mom had given me.

On the shelf above the linens
Pushed back and out of sight,
So I wouldn’t have to look at it
When I turned on the light.

You see, my Grandma had made it,
Poured and sculpted it by hand.
With gentleness had painted it
The reddish hue of sand.

But I didn’t like to see it,
It always made me cry.
It reminded me of Grandma
And others who had died.

Each year my Mom would set it out,
Our focus for Advent,
Not food, the gifts and toys we got,
Nor money we had spent.

The manger scene reminded us,
Throughout the Christmas season,
The Holy Child of Bethlehem,
Our Jesus was the reason.

So it sat there shelved darkness
Just hidden from my sight,
Until one of my grandchildren
Asked me late one night

“Why is Jesus in the closet?”
I looked at him surprised
As his finger pointed upward
With questions in his eyes.

I turned and looked upon the shelf,
The manger scene had moved.
No longer hidden from my eyes
But sitting in full view!

And so I looked in disbelief,
I alone knew it was there.
How on earth had it moved forward?
All I could do was stare.

Then my grandchild muttered “Angels”

And wandered off to play,

As my mouth flew open wider
At the word I’d heard him say!

So I reached into the closet,
Pulled down the manger set.
I placed it on the table top
So we should not forget.

That those who go before us,
Are never really gone,
It’s through our kids and our grandkids,
Their memories live on.

That this tiny little baby
Throughout the Christmas Season,
The Holy Child of Bethlehem,
Our Jesus is the reason!

Donna Sue Berry
November 8th, 2009

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