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Questions to Our Lady of Sorrow Picture


O Simeon, O Simeon,

What prompted you to say

Grievous words you spoke to Mary

That made her cry that day?

While Mary climbed the temple steps,

Was your soul set on fire?

Could you hear the loud “Hosannas

Sung by an Angel choir?

When God showed you our salvation,

Her tiny child just born,

Could you see the bloody cross of Christ,

Nails, and the crown of thorns?

While you held the baby in your arms,

According to the law,

Could  you feel the peace of heaven

In visions that you saw?

Her joy turned into sorrow as

You spoke about the Lord,

You could see her painful future;

 Her soul pierced by a sword.

So many things I’ve wondered,

Yet one thing is crystal clear.

My sins nailed Christ upon that cross

That caused our lady’s tears.

Donna Sue Berry

March 30th, 2014

© 2014 Donna Sue Berry

All rights reserved.

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