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A friend of mine said Lent was here

And asked what I’d give up.

I smiled and told her, “I dunno,

How ‘bout my coffee cup?”

But all day long they haunted me,

The words I’d said were trite,

So when I fell asleep I knew

It’d be no normal night.

I dreamt myself within a crowd,

That stunk and smelled of shame.

Who screamed and shouted death to him,

A man they didn’t name.

They pushed me through the city streets,

Then up a rocky hill

Just in time to see him fall,

The man whom they would kill.

His bloody feet and countenance

Brought tears into my eyes,

But I couldn’t find compassion

In the crowd of passersby.

Then from the ground he looked at me,

Reached out his bloody hand,

That’s when I found myself alone

Before the man condemned.

“What will you give?” I heard him ask

My soul he seemed to see

I fell beneath his bloody gaze

And cried, “I give up me!”

***** ***** *****

Donna Sue Berry

January 29th, 2005

For Mom


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