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Purgatory and Mass

They always seem to come to me, just when I fall asleep.
As the darkness over whelms me, into my mind they seep.

They’re the faces of my loved ones, yet some I’ve never known.
They push and pull into my dreams; some plead, some cry and moan.

“You have the chance to kiss our Lord, each day at Holy Mass.
Yet waste your time on worthless things; no thoughts your life will pass.

But pass it will, then you’ll be judged kneeling before the Lord.
Condemned for all eternity? Or Heaven your reward?

But what if you, like us fall short before the Face of God?
Will you like us, regret the times your prayer life was so flawed?

Hear us now, and see our pain. Please pray for our release.
Then we in turn shall pray for you, your love of God increase.

Waste not your time, for it grows short! But sacrifice and pray.
We ask for your Indulgence to reduce our debt away.”

With that they usually disappear, as I kneel steeped in prayer
That soon they see the Face of God with no more debt to bear.
Donna Sue Berry
October 13th, 2015
AMDG ‘For the greater glory of God’

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